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Furthermore, all our generation processes are in compliance with ISO9002 expectations. Innovative thermo treatment method equipment, this sort of as network warmth therapy oven, multi-use thermo remedy oven, and many others. Trying to keep in head that excellent service is the key to cooperating with clientele, we try to satisfy high good quality standards, offer competitive charges and guarantee prompt delivery.

You should see specifics for slewing ring bearing
282.thirty.1475.013 (Sort 110/1600.two)
if you require much more details, you should truly feel totally free to speak to us for planning and generating

Why choose EPT slewing bearings
Who we are?
We (HangEPT EPTTyang EPTT heavy-obligation and large bearing producing EPTT, LTD) are a skilled
bearing manufacturer in the world, estabEPTTd in 2000, EPTTizing in slewing bearings, slewing EPTs
and EPTT bearings, with style, production, product sales, advertising and support from OD200mm to 8000mm.
For eighteen a long time experiences, our bearings have flied to much more than 50 nations around the world.

Our technological crew:
We have sixty employees, with 6 seasoned engineers and skilled technicists.
All our bearings are developed by CAD-programs, produced in accordance to customers’ EPTT demands.
Our technological crew can also verify safety amp reliability depending on the load case and the toughness of raceway
as properly as EPT and bolt connections.

Geared up with EPTd manufacturing equipments and check instruments, all bearings are of uniform marking
and EPTT with outstanding good quality, reasonable costs and ideal companies.

We have been certificated by ISO9001:2008, and we are also aligned to global top quality stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rds
from application consulting and engineering to productions, examinations, documentations and dispatch.
We will prepare additional examination stories if buyers need.

Detailed description of these kinds slewing bearings

Solitary row 4 level contact ball slewing bearings
This type of slewing bearings can support higher dynamic hundreds, transmitting aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.al and radial forces EPTTltaneously as properly as the resulting tilting moments. Programs of this sort of bearings are hoisting, mechanical handling and EPTT mechanical engineering and so forth.
Single row cross roller slewing bearings
This variety of bearings can assist combinations of massive radial power, medium aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.al drive and tilting instant with small or zero clearance. Main purposes of this variety of bearings are hoisting and mechanical managing and EPTT mechanical engineering and so forth.
EPTT row different ball diameter slewing bearings
This type of bearings can assistance higher static masses with easy buildings. They are primarily utilized in scenarios with variation load place and route and constantly rotating. Principal programs of this kind of bearings are deck hoisting, mining and material managing and many others.
Triple row cylindrical roller slewing bearings
This type of bearings has high load carrying potential. UnEPTTsame loads, this type of bearings has significantly smaller sized diameters which can make the set up much compact, as distinct kinds of hundreds are supported by various races and rollers. Primary apps of this type of bearings are hoisting, mechanical dealing with, mining and components managing, offshore EPT and EPTT mechanical engineering etc.
Roller/ball mixture slewing bearings
This kind of bearings can assistance substantial aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.al load and reduced tilting times. Usually they are big diameter slewing bearings. Programs of this variety of bearings are mining and components dealing with and many others.

Primary Varieties:
Single row ball slewing ring bearings
EPTT row ball slewing ring bearings
Crossed roller slewing ring bearing
Three row cylindrical roller slewing bearings
BALL amp ROLLER mixed slewing bearings
Flanged slewing ring bearing
EPT Kind:
EPT bearings with external EPT
EPT bearings with inside EPT
Slew bearings with no EPT
Flange sort:
EPT bearings with exterior flange and internal EPT
Slew rings with interior flange and external EPT
Slew bearings with external and interior flange

About EPT bearings
1.introduction:we are a manufacturer of slewing bearing because 1993, our manufacturing unit occupies a spot of 30000square meters with 4 workshop and one place of work constructing.
two. Featured goods: slewing bearing and slewing EPT
3. Money: Existing is 1 million RMB, but we are increasing the cash to ten million RMB
four. Staff: 60
five. Certificate: ISO9001:2008, three.1 certificate, CCS certification
All EPT slew rings can betested by the threerd celebration inspection business if client demands, this sort of as BV, CCS, SGS, LR, Abdominal muscles and so on. All swing bearings inspection studies will be equipped to clients, incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. uncooked material certificate, heat therapy certificate, UT ampPT and so on.
6. Yearly Exportation: eight million USD
seven. Guarantee Interval: All EPT slewing ring bearings have a guarantee period of time of eighteen months, for some EPTT doing work problem, guarantee period can be lengthened to three-four a long time.
eight. Production Time: All EPT slewing ring bearings can be usually delivered timely, normal generation time is 15-fifty daEPTTbased on diverse slew bearings diameters, at times slew rings will be in inventory.

Creation Procedure of EPT slewing bearings
All EPT slewing ring bearings are solid rings with substance metal 50Mn or 42CrMo, slewing rings are EPTTd by CNC lathe, slew bearings raceway are quenched by means of medium-frequency hardening with hardness 55-60EPTC, turntable bearings are drilled holes by CNC drilling EPTT, slew EPTs are EPTTd by hobbing EPTT with EPT quenched if needed, swing bearings then are grinded by grinding EPTT with increased precision.

EPTT surface area is protected with the anti-rust oil first and then wrapped with the plastic film
And then packed with kraft paper and expert belts
At final, with picket box absolutely at the outer EPTT to invoid the rust or the moist
We can depend on the clients demand to be packed

EPT slewing ring bearings can be packed by distinct approaches.
If bearing diameter is significantly less than 2300mm, slewing rings will be normally packed by sq. plywood circumstance.
If bearing diameter is more than 2300mm, slewing rings can be packed by sq. plywood situation, round plywood case, or metal tripod. Every single bundle way can be absolutely stored items safely.

EPT bearings can be presented various shipping phrases, this sort of as EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU and so on.
Also, slewing rings can be transported by various transport approaches, by categorical (this kind of as DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and so on), by air, by sea, by EPT, by railway and so on.

230.20.0400.013 (Type 21/520.)
230.twenty.0500.013 (Sort 21/650.)
230.twenty.0600.013 (Sort 21/750.)
230.20.0700.013 (Variety 21/850.)
230.twenty.0800.013 (Variety 21/950.)
230.20.0900.013 (Type 21/1050.)
230.twenty.1000.013 (Sort 21/1200.)

230.twenty.0400.503 (Variety 21/520.)
230.twenty.0500.503 (Variety 21/650.)
230.twenty.0600.503 (Sort 21/750.)
230.twenty.0700.503 (Kind 21/850.)
230.twenty.0800.503 (Sort 21/950.)
230.twenty.0900.503 (Variety 21/1050.)
230.twenty.a thousand.503 (Kind 21/1200.)

230.21.571.013 (Variety 21/520.)
230.21.571.013 (Sort 21/650.)
230.21.0675.013 (Variety 21/750.)
230.21.571.013 (Variety 21/850.)
230.21.0875.013 (Sort 21/950.)
230.21.0975.013 (Kind 21/1050.)
230.21.1075.013 (Type 21/1200.)

280.30.0900.013 (Type 110/1100.)
280.30.a thousand.013 (Sort a hundred and ten/1200.)
280.30.1100.013 (Type 110/1300.)
280.thirty.1200.013 (Type a hundred and ten/1400.)
280.thirty.1300.013 (Variety 110/1500.)
280.thirty.1400.013 (Kind 110/1600.)

280.30.0975.013 (Variety a hundred and ten/1100.)
280.30.1075.013 (Variety one hundred ten/1200.)
280.thirty.1175.013 (Kind one hundred ten/1300.)
280.thirty.1275.013 (Variety a hundred and ten/1400.)
280.thirty.1375.013 (Variety one hundred ten/1500.)
280.thirty.1475.013 (Sort one hundred ten/1600.)

EPTT with external EPT
231.20.0400.013 (Type 21/520.one)
231.twenty.0500.013 (Sort 21/650.one)
231.20.0600.013 (Type 21/750.1)
231.20.0700.013 (Sort 21/850.1)
231.twenty.0800.013 (Type 21/950.one)
231.twenty.0900.013 (Sort 21/1050.one)
231.20.1000.013 (Sort 21/1200.1)

231.twenty.0400.503 (Variety 21/520.one)
231.20.0500.503 (Variety 21/650.one)
231.twenty.0600.503 (Kind 21/750.1)
231.20.0700.503 (Variety 21/850.one)
231.twenty.0800.503 (Kind 21/950.1)
231.twenty.0900.503 (Type 21/1050.one)
231.20.a thousand.503 (Kind 21/1200.one)

231.21.571.013 (Type 21/520.one)
231.21.571.013 (Kind 21/650.one)
231.21.0675.013 (Type 21/750.1)
231.21.571.013 (Kind 21/850.one)
231.21.0875.013 (Kind 21/950.one)
231.21.0975.013 (Variety 21/1050.1)
231.21.1075.013 (Sort 21/1200.1)

281.thirty.0900.013 (Variety a hundred and ten/1100.one)
281.30.1000.013 (Kind one hundred ten/1200.1)
281.30.1100.013 (Type a hundred and ten/1300.one)
281.30.1200.013 (Sort a hundred and ten/1400.one)
281.30.1300.013 (Kind a hundred and ten/1500.1)
281.30.1400.013 (Sort one hundred ten/1600.1)

281.30.0975.013 (Sort one hundred ten/1100.1)
281.30.1075.013 (Sort 110/1200.1)
281.thirty.1175.013 (Kind 110/1300.1)
281.thirty.1275.013 (Type one hundred ten/1400.1)
281.thirty.1375.013 (Kind one hundred ten/1500.1)
281.30.1475.013 (Kind 110/1600.one)

EPTT with internal EPT
232.20.0400.013 (Variety 21/520.two)
232.twenty.0500.013 (Variety 21/650.two)
232.twenty.0600.013 (Type 21/750.2)
232.twenty.0700.013 (Variety 21/850.2)
232.twenty.0800.013 (Type 21/950.two)
232.twenty.0900.013 (Kind 21/1050.two)
232.20.one thousand.013 (Sort 21/1200.two)

232.twenty.0400.503 (Variety 21/520.2)
232.twenty.0500.503 (Type 21/650.two)
232.20.0600.503 (Kind 21/750.2)
232.twenty.0700.503 (Type 21/850.two)
232.twenty.0800.503 (Kind 21/950.two)
232.20.0900.503 (Type 21/1050.two)
232.20.1000.503 (Variety 21/1200.two)

232.21.571.013 (Type 21/520.two)
232.21.571.013 (Kind 21/650.2)
232.21.0675.013 (Sort 21/750.2)
232.21.571.013 (Type 21/850.2)
232.21.0875.013 (Type 21/950.2)
232.21.0975.013 (Kind 21/1050.2)
232.21.1075.013 (Sort 21/1200.two)

282.thirty.0900.013 (Kind a hundred and ten/1100.2)
282.30.a thousand.013 (Type 110/1200.2)
282.thirty.1100.013 (Kind one hundred ten/1300.two)
282.30.1200.013 (Variety one hundred ten/1400.two)
282.thirty.1300.013 (Variety one hundred ten/1500.2)
282.30.1400.013 (Type 110/1600.2)

282.30.0975.013 (Variety one hundred ten/1100.2)
282.30.1075.013 (Type 110/1200.2)
282.30.1175.013 (Variety a hundred and ten/1300.two)
282.30.1275.013 (Kind 110/1400.two)
282.30.1375.013 (Sort a hundred and ten/1500.two)
282.30.1475.013 (Variety 110/1600.2)

  in Irbid Jordan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Light Bearing Slewing Ring Bearing Turntable Bearing Ball Bearing Internal Gear Bearing Flanged Bearing  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Irbid Jordan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Light Bearing Slewing Ring Bearing Turntable Bearing Ball Bearing Internal Gear Bearing Flanged Bearing  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler