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Solution Description

 Spur Gear of Stainless Steel Screw Air Compressor Parts  gear wheel

Spur, Spur
Place of Origin:
ZheJiang , China (Mainland)
Design Amount:
Tailored, Customized
Brand Title:
Screw Air Compressor Elements Equipment, Stainless Steel, Lower Carbon Alloy Stee
Solution Identify:
Screw Air Compressor Parts Equipment
Screw Air Compressor Components Equipment
gear wheel
hobbing, milling, forging
Screw Air Compressor ,Market
Metal Spur Gear
Heat therapy:
quenching and tempering

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Specifics:
Packaging Details: 
cartons and pallets for deal, 
or as buyers required 
Shipping Depth: 
2-3 functioning times
Shipping Detail:
two-3 operating times
Merchandise Description
Stainless Steel Screw Air Compressor Areas substantial efficiency spur Equipment 1621927700 
Material: carbon steel such as C45, 20CrMnTi, 40Cr, 42CrMo or stainless steel or copper or nylon and so on
 –Heat Treatment: Hardening and Tempering, Large Frequency Quenching, Carburizing Quenching and so on.
–Good top quality uncooked content, Precision machining, Rigorous inspection
–Excellent Dress in Resistance
–Good good quality with realistic price tag, well timed supply and fantastic buyer support.
–A Skilled on Drawing investigation, Conference discussing, program auditing, Personal computer & QC
Product Data:
Product Amount:1621927700
Kind:Wheel Gear
Use For:GA132-160
Bundle Bodyweight:seventeen.000kg  (37.48lb.)
Bundle Dimensions:30cm x 30cm x 15cm (11.81in x 11.81in x 5.91in)
substantial pressure air compressor element worm maritime gearbox
description of air compressor worm maritime gearbox
air compressor worm marine gearbox assemble on compressor airend, normally, 2 gear as 1 set  , the substitute gear wheel extensively used for compressor airend fix, air compressor overhauling,
air compressor worm marine gearbox also referred to as air comrpessor equipment motor, air compressor gear box, air compressor wheel equipment, air compressor equipment wheel
puchase instruction of air compressor worm marine gearbox
one. air compressor worm maritime gearbox substance: stainless stell, one hundred% new
2. air compressor worm maritime gearbox 2pcs in 1set, 1 little equipment + one even bigger equipment
3. air compressor worm marine gearbox kind: piece variety ( light) , and shaft sort ( heavy)
4. packing of compressor worm maritime gearbox carton box for gentle equipment wheel. picket box for heavy equipment
five. compressor worm marine gearbox not sell 1pc separately
six. guarantee: our replacement gear wheel is very same operate as real, if assemble no issue, then no good quality problem, this compressor equipment is no guarantee, simply because most broken triggered by improper assemble way.
air compressor worm maritime gearbox, air compressor worm maritime gearbox photo

air compressor worm marine gearboxfor compressor use, part number as underneath:
162257100/1622057100    16220 0571 /1622005600
1622057100/162257100    16220 0571 =16220 0571 3
1622311067 & 1622311068    162205710/1622004800
1622311571 & 1622311026    1622004900/1622005000
1622311571/1622311571    162205710/1622005200
1622311571/1622311030    162205710/1622005400
1622311033/1622311034    1613817400/1613818000
1622311035/1622311036    1613853700/1613853600
1622004500/1622004600    162257171/1622 0571 30
1622311041/1622311042    1614932200/1614932300
1622311043/1622311044    1614932500/1614932400
1622311045/1622311046    1616641700/1616641800
1622311049/1622311050    1622311031/1622311032
1622311053/1622311054    1257196300/1257196200
1622311063/1622311064    162205710  16220 0571
1614933000/1614933100    1092571949/1092571950
1622311007 / 1622311008    1622003300/1622003400
1622369237/ 1622369238    16139642 T11, 16139643 T11
1614930000/1614935710    1613898000
1614930800/1614930900    1622311065/1622311066
1614931000/1614931100    1622311017/1622311018
1614932400/1614932500    1614931200/1614931300
1614932600/1614932700    1622369241/1622369242
1614933200/1614933300    1613396510/1613396500
1614933600/1614933700    16220 0571 /1622003600
1614933400/ 1614933500    1622 0571 fifteen/1622 0571 16
162257171/1622 0571 71    1613965000/1613965100
1622 0571 seventy one/162257171    1622311055/1622311056
1622057100/1622002600    16138110/1613817400
1622311064/1622311063    16149332/1614933300
1614935710/1614930000    162257100/1622057100
1622311059/1622311060    1622057100/162257100
1622004000/1622003900    162257100/1622003000
1622003900/1622004000    162200430/ 1622004400

air comrpessor worm maritime gearbox packing



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